Saturday, October 23, 2010

medieval times written by Won-sup S

Dear mother

Have I had a wonderful, but a strenuous day! Throughout the three weeks after I've sent you the previous letter, many things happened. Some were irrevocably great for my improvement, but honestly, there were other things that have been somewhat tiresome.
Mother, I wonder how it is in Weastdean where I and you have lived until I came to this university. Day after day, I always get reminded with Marry and John if they were living fine. Moreover, please admonish them when necessary as if you did it to me when I was young. There is a schoolmate who doesn't seem to show any good demeanor at all when sharing conversation. I earnestly hope that my brother and sister wouldn't behave like that after growing up. I live well in here. I've gotten plenty of friends who are conciliating, and amiable. Once I didn't understand one of teacher's saying, a friend named Fred helped me understanding it. Many friends gave me such great comfort when I fall into dejection due to adversities.
Academic courses have been challenging to me since the course has started. No English is allowed in school, but only Latin is allowed in oral conversation. It took me a while to get accustomed to this situation, but it's getting fine. I feel like living in a castle with Romans who serve Julius Caesar. I haven't felt any discomfort with that, but I rather feel that my language skills have gotten ameliorated. Mother, I have never forgotten to thank you for teaching me basic Latin when I was young. I always wonder how you could learn such a hard language by my father and study after he reposed. I always thank the lord for letting me the son of you.
Mother, such forebodings have stroked my university for awhile. Pope majesty has enforced a school rule, which elongated the mass time. Sometimes, being very honest, I think that the God I'm worshiping right now is different from the God I've known when I was young. there are certainly things I should thank him, but when Pope majesty forces people to believe in God, God seems to enforce us to believe in him rather than letting us in peace. I've encountered many aspects of life of Greece and Rome when people believed in multitude of Gods. Sometimes, Mother, I'm only showing this to you only, but I think that I'm losing my self through the process of worshiping God. Unlike the Greeks and Romans we learn in class, there seems to be no answer except God. I certainly know it is somewhat a heretic viewpoint, but that's the main hardship I've been feeling for days. Am I going to the wrong way?
Mother, I've not seen Thomas for while but I miss him. He was such a intelligent kid but perhaps he couldn't come to the university with me because he is Jewish. Every time I study by myself, I remind him, who have been teaching me three weeks ago. I wonder when I can go back to you to see you, Marry, John, Thomas, and more. I miss you very much and also Weastdean. I'll visit you after I get prepared for my final test on the following June.

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