Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nature Poem (Haiku) - Jagger Brady

Leaves are falling down

With all their different colors

Fall has come around

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love Poetry by Won-sup S

O how great the time to see her has come
I may ask, where have thy come from?
From paradise where Grendel fall in love
Or divine, solemn place from heaven above?

Where art thou below the moon at night
Art thou charming all beings with one sight?
Woman, time goes by before you enchant all
Why don't thee give me thy love before the moon shall fall?

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Beach by Scott M

There is nothing better than being at the beach

Whether you’re reposing in the sand,

On a warm sunny day

Or jumping into the water,

And diving perilously into the waves

It’s always fun for people of all ages

There is always a multitude of things to do

Going to the beach has become a tradition

A place where the family will always have fun

And all be amiable together.

Friday, January 28, 2011

My Soul Resists Moving by Sung Hoon H.

My soul resists moving
but falls in love with nature
Toes are smiling to the grass
Fingers are dancing with the sunset

We live within the pause
Filling it with nature, who assuages
and interacts to us,
frequently and continuously

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nature- A. Davanzo

Nature is very unpredictable.
It can be your best friend.
It can also be your worst enemy.
Swimming in the beautiful summer weather.
Having fun with your friends in the winter snow.
Things such as Hurricanes and Tornadoes.
Can be very devastating to the world.
These are the two sides of nature.
Love one side and pray the other stays away.

Nature By Patrick Maron

Cold coverings on the ground
coldest winters without any sound
Hot summers are a bummer
Laying on the beach is so much funner
Chilling in the spring just doing my thing
We come to the fall
And the big boys play ball
These are the seasons
And those were my reasons.

By Pat Maron

Summer K Her

Summer such a relaxing time of year
No school, no worries
Nothing can beat the feeling of being in the hot summer air then SPLASH!
Jumping into the cold refreshing ocean
Whether it's swimming in the ocean or laying in the sand with some ice cold lemonade
Nothing can bother me
I could gaze at the clear blue sky for hours and hours, just thinking of how wonderful this is
Or stay up all night with friends and family
These are the best of times
My only question to you, summer where are you?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I love the snow

I love the snow, and it loves me back
giving me days off of school, days to relax
creating a beautiful scene outside for many too see
little kids go out and play in glee
i could watch this beautiful snow fall all day
its better than watching a movie, or even a play
building snowmen and having a good time
I'm having so much fun it should a crime!
Man this snow really is a friend of mine
so yes the temperature maybe at a low
but its okay because i love the snow

-Mike Ramirez


Snow reminds me of the warm Christmas,
The warm Christmas whom our family gather around having diner
Snow reminds me of Sakura tree,
Sakura tree which stood infront of my house giving me joy
Snow reminds me of Korea,
Korea where all my family lives
Snow reminds me of the love ones,
My fellow friends who stays at hometown.
Snow always reminds me of everything that i have forgotten something that is important,
All these precious memories.

The clear, bright snow piles up on our minds

It was ten and more years when I first saw snow
Shining in the cold, winter air, piling on my hair
Jewelries of heaven called my friends outside
Under the roofs, with coats and gloves
My five year old self was hoping mom not to see what happened to the jar piled by snow

The biggest paper drawn on top of the world
It allows us to start again with relief
When there was nothing shining in the town
And nothing special than golden places
Snow falls and says
Isn't every thing the same?
The clear, bright snow piles up on our minds

Winter-Matt Baglieri

Piles of snow beneath my boots
chilly winds blowing everywhere
snow keeps mounting on the posts
on the windows and on the roads
shovels outside,
soups inside
hot chocolate
coming back from all the work
this is what I look for
a warm house
family together
this is winter

Pitter Patter So Soothing To My Ear by Evan O.

Pitter, patter so soothing to me ear,
I wish it would rain everyday of the year,
The calming mist makes my vision unclear,
Leaving me with a mystery of what will soon appear.

Reminding me of the first time i stepped onto the field,
Running so fast, and the rain made the sand slippery so i couldn't even yield,
From then on it was fun, it feels like a vacation minus the sun
A pool without being drenched, and a sense of refreshment
It cleanses you from your sins, and keeps your minds restless
As the sky cries, its God's love in disguise.

Nature Is A Mystery by. Scott S

Nature is a mystery
Nature can bring joy but it can bring misery
Nature brings sun and nature brings rain
Nature brings fun but nature brings pain
Nature brings snow and nature brings hail
Nature brings lows and nature makes tales
Everyone knows nature's no excuse to fail

Henry C.


Oh mother nature, caring for us oh so well

nurturing us with all of your care

giving us pure water to drink

and clean air to breathe.

Yet we behave oh so carelessly

In the eyes of you we are just one of your wild children

giving us what you can we only make mess and waste

mother nature so kind to give us what she can

how long will mother nurture us at last

until she finally cannot no more

Nature is beautiful in many ways

nature is beautiful in many ways
as simple as an oak tree
what we often not pay attention to, but greatly appreciate
without it, no air
no trees, no life
the whistling sound, like music to my ears
hearing the tree speak, as the wind brushes against the leaves
and when the cold comes, the leaves fall
and when the warm comes, the leaves cultivate once again
bringing life, in an ongoing cycle

The Fall of Snow By Matthew Dunn

The fall of snow,
is a beautiful sight.

When i wake up and hear the call from school,
it's the best and most relieving feeling.

Although the snow is very cold and freezing,
the lack of school makes up for it.

It creates such a pretty scenery,
when it falls on the trees.


Emotions of mine are mixed,
At the sight of snow falling.
Days of a younger experience,
hoping for these days to come,
for play was imminent and plenty.
Latter in the life brings memories of,
fustration and anger, due to the sounds,
of a shovel scratching my ears and the driveway.
Some times were dear, while some were rough,
Just the memories of those times will help me live.

As I Ventured to the Wood

As I ventured to the wood,
I stopped to draw on dewy air; let
Droplets shimmer in my hair, that
Rested on my tranquil head as
In a sense of cozy bed.

As I ventured to the wood,
A gesturing cuckoo perched above,
And then in song with cooing dove,
You're welcome, Enter please
To roam our land with gentle breeze.


Snow is falling to the ground Piling up in enormous mounds School is cancelled for the day Children run outside to play My heart is racing with joy
So happy to play with my toys
Making money doing what i love
Driving through the snow like a floating dove.

Joyous Majesty of the Water- Matthew Orso

Joyous majesty of the water

Show no limitless bounds

Calm movement be my guide as I take on this journey

Yet as sudden as it starts

My heart sinks below, as well as rest

A push and pull beneath my chest

A shriek, a cry comes out through passionate phrase

Which brings ones of care to notice?

Though if at all, can it be true?

Majesty that comes to bring

A joyful return to the Queen and King

Connor O'

The wash of rain
Brings many people pain
The wash of rain
Can take away pain.

The flood will come
And with it come blood
The rain may come
with it crop with a big sum.

The rain may hurt
the rain may heal
especially when it brings a meal.

Comet, Horan J

Gazing at the stars
waiting to see something
when all of sudden
a huge fire ball
came storming past my vision.
It was something extraordinary
and that many people do not see
in their lifetime.
This is why I cherish my experience with the

Wind with Trees by Frank Lofaro

The wind on my face
makes me wake up.
There is not a trace
of where the wind came from.
You do not see any trees in the slum,
because they are too special to be a bum.

The wind pushes the leaves back and fourth.
The whistle of the wind flowing through the trees.
The wind may have come from the north.
The wind is such a tease.
Coming and going with its own leisure.

My Emotions Vary When I See and Hear - Matt Giacopelli

My emotions vary when I see and hear
The dramatic sight of a waterfall.
The angry sound pleases my ears,
and the violent water is peaceful to my eyes.
Each memory stands out so purely,
as I can never forget the thought.
The love of waterfalls will never be forgotten,
unless my mind forgets itself

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Dear Lord,
I would like to share what I have experienced in capturing Jerusalem. Our knights and peasants traveled thousands of miles to reach Jerusalem. Closer we were getting many peasants were getting tired. not a lot of our peasants and knights survived. Although, there were decreased number of our allies, we were totally outnumbered. As soon as we arrived, the war between Christianity and Islam had started. I as Knight, was scared of getting stabbed or get hurt, but my quest was to kill many as I can to satisfy my only one God. Few days were passed, My fellow knights and peasants were losing a lot of blood and numbers. But Muslims were seemed to be losing. Finally, we have conquered Jerusalem, and made the city of Christianity.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Michael Ramirez Blog 4

shields are tough and save many lives.
swords may really give them a thrive.
defending soldiers and protecting people.
protecting people from this evil.
know you cannot attack with a shield but it still is deadly.
they are heavy but if taught how to use you can maneuver it steadily.
a shield may weigh around 100 pounds or more.
but its better carrying a shield than being dead on the floor.
i hope you liked my poem about shields.
may be now you'll use them and your war fields.

Scott S. Letter

Dear Jacob,
                     Hello my dear friend it has been some time since we’ve last spoke but I have to inform you about a particular event that I witnessed the other day.    I was one of the soldiers in the hall of Herot under the rule of Higlac when the famous resilient warrior Beowulf had defeated Grendel a descendent of Cain. It all started when Grendel had invaded the hall of Herot and slaughtered 30 of Higlac’s men in an attempt to kill Higlac. Luckily I wasn’t a part of that group of soldiers that were taken away in their sleep. Beowulf had approached Grendel in the hall while the rest of us sat back and watched the marvelous battle between the two. The battle had lasted a very long time and each other were ruthless in combat.At first I thought Beowulf would lose because of Grendel’s reputation and size but Beowulf stood his ground and made Grendel retreat. We all crowded around and praised Beowulf after the battle and we discovered Grendel at the bottom of a marsh dead.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Scott M.

Entry one, I write to you as a farmer who is simply trying to procure enough crops for his family. However, the king of our land has gotten word that an army marches this way. If this is true I would have to relinquish my job as a farmer and join the king’s army. This makes me nervous because my faculties are made for farming and not combat.
Entry two, today I found out that there is indeed an army approaching us and the king is making everyone who can join his army. He claims everyone can be a utility to the army even if you can’t fight.
Entry three, as they approach our castle I hope that all goes well, but I have my doubts. I’ve decided to write a letter to my family in hope that I would be interred on my property and not left on the battlefield.
Scott M.

Medieval Story by Scott S.

Day 1: Dear Diary I've lived my whole life all alone in this desert in Jerusalem. Ive seen tons of men on long adventures and walk right by me without paying me any attention. I've felt useless in this molten hot wasteland people only use me to repose or walk on.
Day 24: Dear Diary Today I woke up due to an uneasy and rocky feeling and realized that i was in a wagon towards civilization. I have no clue who has taken me nor their motive behind this but for some reason I'm not at all frightened about my whereabouts or predicament since no one really cares for me. This wagon ride seems to be perpetual so in the mean time i guess it wont hurt to go back to sleep.  
Day 26: Dear Diary I finally have stopped and stuck in what seems to be a work room for blacksmiths. The men whom dropped me off were armored like Romans. I overheard the townspeople talking about a trial taking place in the center of the town in a couple of days.
Day 28: Dear Diary there has been a blacksmith in here that has been working nonstop on chiseling me. Quite frankly it is very irritating because i wish i could go to sleep and shockingly to say I'm anxious to find out what hes turning me into. I've been dying for a makeover hopefully this will give me more attention and love from people.
Day 29: Finally the chiseling has ceased and my makeover is complete. I overheard the Romans call me a cross and  supposedly the infamous Jesus Christ is carrying me on his back to Golgotha. I feel sorry for him because I know I'm not easy to carry and its torture to make someone do that. I've heard that his trip will start early tomorrow morning.
Day 30: Dear Diary this is my last entry. Over the whole course of the day I've witnessed what hell is like. Jesus had carried me miles on end being harassed, tortured, and heckled by all the townspeople. Right now the Romans have posted Jesus on top of me and nailed him onto me. I felt the pain from the nails but want hurt me more was knowing the pain Jesus had endured.  

Saturday, October 23, 2010

medieval times written by Won-sup S

Dear mother

Have I had a wonderful, but a strenuous day! Throughout the three weeks after I've sent you the previous letter, many things happened. Some were irrevocably great for my improvement, but honestly, there were other things that have been somewhat tiresome.
Mother, I wonder how it is in Weastdean where I and you have lived until I came to this university. Day after day, I always get reminded with Marry and John if they were living fine. Moreover, please admonish them when necessary as if you did it to me when I was young. There is a schoolmate who doesn't seem to show any good demeanor at all when sharing conversation. I earnestly hope that my brother and sister wouldn't behave like that after growing up. I live well in here. I've gotten plenty of friends who are conciliating, and amiable. Once I didn't understand one of teacher's saying, a friend named Fred helped me understanding it. Many friends gave me such great comfort when I fall into dejection due to adversities.
Academic courses have been challenging to me since the course has started. No English is allowed in school, but only Latin is allowed in oral conversation. It took me a while to get accustomed to this situation, but it's getting fine. I feel like living in a castle with Romans who serve Julius Caesar. I haven't felt any discomfort with that, but I rather feel that my language skills have gotten ameliorated. Mother, I have never forgotten to thank you for teaching me basic Latin when I was young. I always wonder how you could learn such a hard language by my father and study after he reposed. I always thank the lord for letting me the son of you.
Mother, such forebodings have stroked my university for awhile. Pope majesty has enforced a school rule, which elongated the mass time. Sometimes, being very honest, I think that the God I'm worshiping right now is different from the God I've known when I was young. there are certainly things I should thank him, but when Pope majesty forces people to believe in God, God seems to enforce us to believe in him rather than letting us in peace. I've encountered many aspects of life of Greece and Rome when people believed in multitude of Gods. Sometimes, Mother, I'm only showing this to you only, but I think that I'm losing my self through the process of worshiping God. Unlike the Greeks and Romans we learn in class, there seems to be no answer except God. I certainly know it is somewhat a heretic viewpoint, but that's the main hardship I've been feeling for days. Am I going to the wrong way?
Mother, I've not seen Thomas for while but I miss him. He was such a intelligent kid but perhaps he couldn't come to the university with me because he is Jewish. Every time I study by myself, I remind him, who have been teaching me three weeks ago. I wonder when I can go back to you to see you, Marry, John, Thomas, and more. I miss you very much and also Weastdean. I'll visit you after I get prepared for my final test on the following June.