Monday, October 25, 2010

Medieval Story by Scott S.

Day 1: Dear Diary I've lived my whole life all alone in this desert in Jerusalem. Ive seen tons of men on long adventures and walk right by me without paying me any attention. I've felt useless in this molten hot wasteland people only use me to repose or walk on.
Day 24: Dear Diary Today I woke up due to an uneasy and rocky feeling and realized that i was in a wagon towards civilization. I have no clue who has taken me nor their motive behind this but for some reason I'm not at all frightened about my whereabouts or predicament since no one really cares for me. This wagon ride seems to be perpetual so in the mean time i guess it wont hurt to go back to sleep.  
Day 26: Dear Diary I finally have stopped and stuck in what seems to be a work room for blacksmiths. The men whom dropped me off were armored like Romans. I overheard the townspeople talking about a trial taking place in the center of the town in a couple of days.
Day 28: Dear Diary there has been a blacksmith in here that has been working nonstop on chiseling me. Quite frankly it is very irritating because i wish i could go to sleep and shockingly to say I'm anxious to find out what hes turning me into. I've been dying for a makeover hopefully this will give me more attention and love from people.
Day 29: Finally the chiseling has ceased and my makeover is complete. I overheard the Romans call me a cross and  supposedly the infamous Jesus Christ is carrying me on his back to Golgotha. I feel sorry for him because I know I'm not easy to carry and its torture to make someone do that. I've heard that his trip will start early tomorrow morning.
Day 30: Dear Diary this is my last entry. Over the whole course of the day I've witnessed what hell is like. Jesus had carried me miles on end being harassed, tortured, and heckled by all the townspeople. Right now the Romans have posted Jesus on top of me and nailed him onto me. I felt the pain from the nails but want hurt me more was knowing the pain Jesus had endured.  

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