Monday, November 1, 2010

Scott S. Letter

Dear Jacob,
                     Hello my dear friend it has been some time since we’ve last spoke but I have to inform you about a particular event that I witnessed the other day.    I was one of the soldiers in the hall of Herot under the rule of Higlac when the famous resilient warrior Beowulf had defeated Grendel a descendent of Cain. It all started when Grendel had invaded the hall of Herot and slaughtered 30 of Higlac’s men in an attempt to kill Higlac. Luckily I wasn’t a part of that group of soldiers that were taken away in their sleep. Beowulf had approached Grendel in the hall while the rest of us sat back and watched the marvelous battle between the two. The battle had lasted a very long time and each other were ruthless in combat.At first I thought Beowulf would lose because of Grendel’s reputation and size but Beowulf stood his ground and made Grendel retreat. We all crowded around and praised Beowulf after the battle and we discovered Grendel at the bottom of a marsh dead.

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